Provoiding a new perspective to an old problem.

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RME - Richard Miles Engineering

     Agricultural Engineering

  • Cattleyards
  • Loading ramps 

RME Engineering is the business of Richard Miles a professional, highly skilled, motivated, innovative and dedicated businessman who has a reputation for providing top quality products and services.


RME Engineering has the ability and technology to design and build projects that "provide a new perspective to an old problem." Innovation and skill is combined with customised engineering design to provide products and services that will last and be both productive and beneficial to the client and user.


RME Engineering will provide clients with the attention to detail and the design of the particular engineering solution they are requiring.


Particular areas of expertise are:


  • Cattle yards - farm and lifestyle sets - permanent and portable
  • Cattle crushes
  • Sliding gates
  • Head bails
  • Cattle loading ramps
  • Double deck cattle loading ramp with fold up flaps
  • Replacing of wooden rails with steel oval cattle rail
  • Sheep yards
  • Horse stables and stalls
  • Milk transporting trailers
  • Water transporting trailers
  • General purpose trailers
  • Meal feeding systems into dairy sheds, chicken sheds, and piggeries
  • Silos of all sizes
  • Coreless augers
  • Roller mills - supply and repairs
  • 1000 litre IBC tanks
  • Supply of Bailey water tanks

      Meal Feeding Systems.

  • Dairy, beef, sheep, deer

     Dairy Farmimg Products 

  • Calf feeders 
  • Hay feeders
  • Cattle Crushes 

     Stock Management

  • Calf feeders 
  • Hay feeders 

     Transport Solutions 

  • Calf feeders 
  • Hay feeders 

     Product Storage

  • Calf feeders 
  • Hay feeders