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Feeding Hay/Meal Systems

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RME - Hay and Meal Feeding Systems
RME offers several products that are most suitable for the use on dairy farms and also offers clients the opportunity for custom made products to your requirements along with the more standard products a sample of which are listed below:

Products:  click on images below to enlarge and to see other views/options of the product
Hay Feeder

Hay Feeder - Large

Hay feeder on skids with a mesh floor, sheet metal around bottom. 4 metres long, 1.5 metres wide. Can be made to any size. Made to order.

Hay Feeder - Single Bale

Hay feeder for a small single bale of hay. Mesh floor and sides. Suitable for horses and cattle. Made to order from duragalv steel and welds painted with silver zinc paint.

Trailer For Palm Kernel

Trailer for feeding palm kernel to cattle. PKE, pke. Could also be used for hay. Will hold one cubic meter of palm kernel. Draw bar slides out so cattle will not get caught on it. Has 1500 kg hubs and stubs. 1 7/8 tow ball coupling. Can fit tow eye for quick hitch instead. Jockey wheel on front.

Herringbone Shed Feed Trays

Rotary In Shed Feed

Stainless steel high back trays and galv pipe robbing bars fitted to a rotary milking platform. The above price is per bail. These trays are 300 mm higher than standard trays. The black line shows a standard tray height. The higher trays stop meal and palm kernel from being flicked over the back when the cows are eating, so less wastage and cleaner dairy sheds. Can also fit extensions to low back trays.

Calf Meal Feeder

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