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Welcome to RME - Richard Miles Engineering

RME Engineering is the business of Richard Miles a professional, highly  skilled, motivated, innovative and dedicated businessman who has a  reputation for providing top quality products and services.

RME Engineering has the ability and technology to design and build projects  that "provide a new perspective to an old problem." Innovation  and skill is combined with customised engineering design to provide products and  services that will last and be both productive and beneficial to the client and  user.

RME Engineering will provide clients with the attention to detail and the  design of the particular engineering solution they are requiring.
Water Trailers and Pumps

Possible Uses
  • Fire fighting
  • Watering trees and plants (establishing shelter belts and other planted areas)
  • Dust suppression
  • Carting colostrum milk

A few Features
  • 1,000 lt tank (or 2,000 lt)
  • Can be on a frame to put on a truck deck or trailer or built as a trailer unit
  • Honda high pressure pump
  • 25m hose on reel with spray gun
  • Multi volt LED tail lights
  • Spray unit
  • Calf feeder

Read further details and view more images here:

Water & Calf feeding Trailers
    • Water cartage
    • Spray Units
    • Dust Suppression
    • Tree watering
    • Colostrum trailers
Stock Management Systems
    • Cattleyards
    • Loading ramps

Hay & Meal Feeding Systems.
    • Dairy, beef, sheep, deer
    • Hay Feeders

Agricultural Products
    • Trailer cages
    • Gates

Customised Products
    • Motor bike trailers
    • Flat deck trailers
    • Driveway Gates
Providing a new perspective to an old problem

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